Suprice winner in Hollywood
Joan Doe won the Oscar!

Yesterday, at the Academy Awards, there was an unexpected turn when Joan Doe, who was an underdog at the nominees, won the Oscar.

Best female actor

Joan Doe won the from best female actor Oscar from the movie Driving school. Movie was also people's favourite, although it received a negative review from the critics.

Spectacular performance from the actor. I have never seen such a performance, says T. Hisisbullshit, director of the nominee board. I hope that we'll see many more movies from the crew.

"Yup Yup"

Joan was very surprised from the award. He only gave a short comment saying "Yup Yup".

Joan Doe has now risen to the elite of actors and we believe that we'll soon hear more of her. As far we know, she has already been signed for two new movies.

Joan returns tomorrow

Tomorrow, when Joan returns, we expect that there will be thousands of fans waiting on the airport.

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